.NAME Domain Name Rules/Requirements

The following policies apply to a .NAME domain name:

  • .NAME domain names can only contain alphabets a to z, numbers 1 to 9, dot (.) and hyphen (-).

  • The minimum length permitted for a Second level .NAME domain name (e.g., xyz.name) is 3 characters while the maximum length is 63 characters (excluding the .NAME extension).

  • Certain names are reserved by the Registry and Registration of such names is blocked. These include any name that may be deemed as a common surname e.g., metelev, putyatin, simacek, etc. The list of reserved names is currently not publicly available.

  • A particular name will not be available for Registration, if a Third level domain name is already registered with this name at the Second level.


    Trust Net Name also provides Registration services for Third level .NAME domain names. In addition, please note that registration of xyz.name will not be allowed if a domain name such as abc.xyz.name is already registered.

  • When you register a .NAME domain name, you have to wait for 5 days before you can update the Registrant contact details.